Touching Lives...

This is what has been witnessed in the many happy faces of villagers in Sinda village, Sinda in the Eastern province of Zambia which was recently connected to the solar microgrid installed by Muhanya Solar Limited. Their joy could not be doubted as they were having electricity in their homes for the very first time.
Muhanya Solar Limited recently installed a 30KW solar microgrid in Sinda Village and has connected 60 households to the microgrid. An extension is due to take place to take the number of connected households to 100. For backup, a 60kVA diesel-powered generator has been installed. The solar PV array has been built inclined at an angle of 20 degrees to optimize energy harvest in winter when the sun is low in the sky.

Clean and reliable energy source

The microgrid is providing reliable, high-quality and sustainable power to the village and the impact of the installation is already being felt by the locals and visitors alike. Within days after being connected, a very enterprising villager was selling cold soft drinks from his microgrid-connected refrigerator – definitely a first for this rural area which, so far, has had no form of access to clean and reliable energy sources.

The microgrid project for this very fortunate community, now with its own locally generated electricity, started with a comprehensive information gathering exercise to determine the needs of the community and what the main economic activities were. Once this was done, the necessary regulatory procedures were followed, including obtaining the go-ahead from the environmental management agency.

Installation of the grid and solar PV array, right up to the connections in the individual homes were professionally done, ensuring a resilient installation for the safety of the members of the households and the entire community.

The possibilities

There is no doubt that this microgrid will spur economic growth for the village, nurture the passion for reading, allow the community to work and play beyond daylight hours and be part of modern living.

Making the world a better place.

Silent, Clean, Green Energy