Are you tired of power cuts and ongoing high costs of fuel for the gensets? We have a solution for you! Muhanya Solar Limited can install silent, clean, green energy as backup in times when you don’t have utility power at your offices or in your house.

A backup power system monitors power quality and availability 24/7. In the event that power shuts down or there is low voltage, the system instantly transfers your critical loads to its fully charged battery bank.  When power is available, the inverter charges the bank of batteries and the batteries stay charged in readiness for the next use.

The system comes in a wide range and size to meet every power requirement and budget. Do not be inconvenienced with power outage when you are working, watching that exciting football match or studying for that exam.

Muhanya Solar Limited is dedicated to supplying the best solar products on the market and we do not compromise with quality. Our products, including nuts, bolts and cabling, comply with the standard code of installation.  Our professional installation will last you for many years to come and will be your money’s worth.  Take a look at our Products and Services page for a quick view of some of our products.

Muhanya Solar Limited is a licensed installer and dealer in Renewable Energy Equipment with the Energy Regulation Board.

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Silent, Clean, Green Energy