Muhanya Solar Limited will install a quality solar PV system for your domestic or commercial needs using the best products and outstanding customer service.  We provide warranty for all our installations so you can trust us to give you an optimal and affordable solution.  We use reliable products from reputable manufacturers such as SunTech, Rolls, Magnum and Deka.

We have vast experience in providing solutions for:

What is Solar PV?

The sun’s energy can be converted to electricity using solar panels.  A well designed and installed array of panels can generate a lot of electricity which can be used to power up homes and businesses.  These panels can be used wherever the sun shines and will provide clean energy at relatively lower cost.

A complete solar PV system will use inverters and batteries:

Inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is the electricity we use in our homes for lighting and powering up our appliances.

Batteries allow for the storage of the storage of the solar energy generated, so we can use it to power our homes at night or when there is not enough sunlight such as on cloudy days.

Solar PV systems can range from 3W single lamp systems to micro and mini grids up to large size power plants.  A 30KW solar microgrid installation was done by Muhanya Solar Limited at Sinda village in the Eastern province of Zambia.  Read more on the Sinda Microgrid.

Why Solar PV?

Zambia is currently battling an electricity supply deficit and has low electrification rates, 45% in urban and 3% in rural areas, while aiming to reach 90% and 51% access by 2030 in urban and rural areas, respectively. Considering its flexibility and ease of deployment, renewable energy is well poised to contribute to meeting this challenge.Zambia : Renewables Readiness Assessment 2013- IRENA

At Muhanya Solar Limited,we believe that renewable energy, and largely solar, is the way to go considering the current electricity supply deficit.  Solar panels are designed and built to last a long time and require little maintenance.  A solar PV system can be designed and scaled to fit your needs and budget.  Further, you will be making a valued contribution to the environment by using cleaner energy.

Our commitment to silent, clean, green energy is demonstrated through our solar installation which is used to power our offices in Northmead, Lusaka.

Silent, Clean, Green Energy