muhanya Solar Limited

Silent• clean • green energy

We are professional Designers, suppliers and Installers of Solar Photovoltaic systems, Solar Geysers, Solar Water Pumping Systems & standby power systems

The Portable Solar Power System

  • Powers Lights
  • Charge Phone and Laptop Plus Desk internet modem
  • Powers Television and Decoder
  • Powers Small fridge
  • Ideal for small shop, Kiosk, kantemba or office
  • Ideal for camping or weekend home

Solar Power in Agriculture

At Muhanya Solar, we help farmers design and install solar powered irrigation systems. We believe Agriculture offers significant opportunities for our rural communities. However, the effects of changes in precipitation patterns increases the likelihood of short-term crop failures and long-term production declines. Introducing solar technology increases land use and productivity.

Solar Power for Industrial use

For commercial entities, we provide Grid-Tie, Off-Grid and Hybrid solutions.

Solar Power for HOME use

Muhanya Solar helps households to overcome the impact of lack of consistent power supply due to load shading or outrightly not been able to have a connection to the power grid. We supply power backup solutions, solar home lighting, solar geysers, solar water-pumping, etc.

Our Partners

We are grateful to our faithful partners that believe in us for letting us provide solar solutions to the communities they serve.

Some of our Customers