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Discover reliable solar solutions for your home or business with Muhanya Solar, the trusted EPC firm in Zambia.

Our Solar Promise

Why Choose Muhanya Solar?

Expert Craftsmanship

Our team of skilled professionals designs and installs top-notch solar PV systems tailored to meet your needs.

Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to providing eco-friendly solar solutions that contribute to a greener environment for future generations.

Reliable Performance

Experience uninterrupted solar power with our high-quality systems, ensuring dependable performance year-round.

Renewable Energy Expertise

Swift Solar Solutions

Get fast, reliable, and durable solar power solutions.

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Solar Solutions Provider

Our Services Offerings

Tailored solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs

Residential Solar

Customized solar PV systems designed for households, ensuring energy self-sufficiency and cost savings

Commercial Solutions

Scalable solar solutions for businesses, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs

Industrial Installations

Robust solar power setups for industrial operations, optimizing energy consumption and productivity

Our Story

Crafting Solar Solutions for over 15 Years

Muhanya Solar, a leading EPC firm in Lusaka, Zambia, specializes in designing, procuring, and installing solar PV systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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